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Global Ocean Trust

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The ocean covers 70% of the earth's surface, but overfishing, pollution and climate change threaten the ocean's unique biodiversity. ​

The international waters in the high seas are particularly at risk due to the lack of rules to protect the seas. ​

We need new, science-based measures at international and national level, but also private commitment and new ideas for implementation.



Global Ocean Trust promotes marine conservation, particularly on the high seas. Here you will find, for example, our current contribution to the preparation of a new UN biodiversity agreement for international waters: ​


The ocean needs a new, sustainable perspective. We must no longer burden the complex ecosystems in the sea, but instead support forward-looking solutions to protect the ocean. ​


We want to encourage decision-makers to make an effective contribution to protecting the ocean, because it is what enables all of our lives. ​


Global Ocean Trust is a network of experienced conservationists from around the world who want to offer new perspectives to find pragmatic solutions together. Here is a short video from an event at the UN Climate Change Conference: ​ 

We invite you to join us on this journey!

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